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Penn State Language Services is a service of the Department of Applied Linguistics. The faculty and advanced doctoral students in the department are specialists in advanced English proficiency, and our goal is to help second language speakers of English to acquire the knowledge and tools they need to speak, read, and write professional English in pursuit of their academic and career goals. The department offers a number of programs for international undergraduate and graduate students, international teaching assistants, international visiting scholars and faculty, and all faculty who work with international students.

ESL/EAP Program

The ESL/EAP (English as a Second Language / English for Academic Purposes) program offers a series of classes for undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled as matriculated students at The Pennsylvania State University.

Contact Person: Dr. Deryn Verity,

ITA Program

The International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Preparation Program offers a series of courses for international graduate students to prepare them for effective communication in English as teaching assistants at Penn State. 

Contact Person: Dr. Stephen Looney,


The Intensive English Communication Program (IECP) is a nationally accredited intensive language program that offers a comprehensive curriculum in written and spoken English to prepare students for future admission to a U.S. university.

Contact Person: Judy Maloney,

  • Dr. Jason Litzenberg, Director
  • Judy Maloney, Support Coordinator
  • Tom Spencer, Associate Director of Student Affairs and Special Programs
  • Jackie Gianico, Associate Director of Academics
  • Julie George, Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Megan Lynch, Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Nikki Mattson, Associate Teaching Professor


The English for Professional Purposes Intercultural Center (EPPIC) offers a range of services to international students and scholars at Penn State to support their advanced academic communication skills in written and spoken English.

Contact Person: Cameron Duval,