Frequently Asked Questions

Where can my family member (eg, mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, etc) learn English?

The Intensive English Communication Program at Penn State offers English language instruction for beginners to advanced users of English.  The program has a strong academic focus but is useful for learners with a wide range of language needs and goals.  For more information, please visit the IECP website.

In addition, Global Connections ( and the Mid-State Literacy Council ( both offer free or reduced-cost language courses for learners of lower-level English.  Private language tutors are also available; Global Connections and the Graduate Writing Center ( maintain lists of language tutors.

Where can I find translation services?

If you are in need of a translation of an official document (e.g., a birth certificate, invoice, diploma, etc.), you can contact Penn State’s foreign language departments, who can recommend members of their department who may be able to translate the document into English for a fee.  These departments include:  1) Spanish/Italian/Portuguese; 2) Asian Studies (for Chinese, Korean, Japanese & Hindi/Urdu) 3) German & Slavic (for German & Russian), 4) French & Francophone Studies, 5) Comparative Literature (for Arabic & Swahili), and 6) Jewish Studies (for Hebrew). 

Global Connections, a charitable agency located on Penn State campus and open to the community, may also be able to assist in locating translators. 

Are there copy-editing services available?

Local and internet-based copy-editing services are available for a fee.  Several Penn State departments maintain lists of recommended copy editors: e.g., the Population Research institute’s list of recommended copy editors for social science writing are listed here.

Are you hiring?

Thank you for your interest!  All current Penn State positions are listed on the Human Resources website at the following location: