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Frequently Asked Questions


You can take ESL015, American Academic Communication, our undergraduate class for international students. You will study academic writing and presentation skills in this class. ESL 015 is offered every semester, including summer.

You can take ESL 015, American Academic Communication, or ENGL 015, Rhetoric and Composition, as a first-year student. ESL 015 is a first-year writing class, similar to ENGL 015, but designed especially to support international undergraduate students.

You can discuss which writing class to take with your advisor. If you grew up speaking another language besides English at home, or attended a high school in a non-English speaking country, you should probably register for ESL015.

You can take ESL 015; make a tutoring appointment at Penn State Learning (the Writing Center) in Boucke 220 or with an EPPIC tutor in Boucke 220; or attend an EPPIC workshop on academic writing.

You can find tutoring for international undergraduates in Sparks 7, Boucke 220 and the Pattee Library through different programs. Check with your ESL instructor, the Writing Center in Boucke 220 or with EPPIC for details.

You can go to the Speaking Center in Sparks 7 (Penn State Learning), schedule an appointment with an EPPIC speaking tutor (in 220 Boucke), or attend an EPPIC workshop for help with presenting and participating in class. Ask your instructor for suggestions too!

You can find speaking tutors at the Speaking Center (Sparks 7) and at EPPIC.